fire and ice

she wants to slow dance
to silence
in the middle of the room
and she wants to sleep in
wrapped in your arms until noon
but the only time
she’ll ever commit to is “soon”

cause shes got on her mind
all the things
she hasn’t yet got to try
shes not quite ready
to commit to one guy
and her first impulse
is always to lie

can you blame her?
you just cant tame her.

shes got one of those smiles
that lights up her eyes
and they radiate heartache
whenever she cries
you just want to hold her
tell her
you’ll make it alright
she hugs you and you think
that you really just might
do whatever it takes
to give her back that light

cause she is a carnival ride
all fire and ice
her laugh makes you stop
and think god,
thats nice

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