matters of the many

feels like something
is missing
drowning or dying
or simply hiding
i search myself
and come up empty
so i turn my attentions
to the matters of the many
and i study their movements
their memories, their stories
i search for the something
that pulls at my insides
try this on for size, or that
maybe this one is wise..

at first i feel saved
and amazed
at the days i feel whole
tiny changes to my outlook
on life
they unknowingly gave
i soak up the lessons they teach
and i test them to see
how far their compassion
can reach

i smile and laugh
at the jokes that they tell
always sure to make them feel
like they are coming off well
i listen and engage
and i feel their appreciation
for the ways that companionship
makes you feel wanted
respectful admiration
for my understanding
and friendly affection


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