mystery to me

so now
here i am
the girl who
prides herself
on reading
the actions
of people
on seeing
the body language
and hidden expressions
that give away
whats really
going on
even while
the attempts
to mask
true thoughts
with the traps
of normal conversation
but you remain
a mystery
to me

i can see
the masks you
the ones you
try to hide
yet, somehow
i dont mind

because, somehow
i know
that whatever
the thoughts
may be
that linger low
i can sense
that there are
good intents
and i can feel
a comfort
in your gaze
and an ease
in your ways
and so
i deal
with the
awkward way
that not
being able
to read you
makes me feel

oh but if only
the stretch
of your smile
or the slant
of your eyes
would just
give you away
breeds curiosity
and dares me
to pursue
this wondering
and i become
a disaster
over eager
and young
in the ways
that i know
i have long since

not having
breeds wanting
then needing
if only just
to know. to see. to feel
to need.
to want. to have.
to read.


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