this is the package

I hope that I have not
offended you
that is never something
that I intend to do
but I have no
apologies for you
for the way that I act
or the things that I do
this is the package
like it or not
I’m giving it everything
that I’ve got

sometimes I’m sad
selfish and sarcastic
sometimes I’m sunny
funny and fantastic
I’m putting it all out there
take it or leave it
think about it even
– if you need to –
for a bit

you aren’t going to find me
pushing the issue
don’t have to worry about me
forcing myself on you

I am who I am
and I’ll be as I please
don’t make the mistake
of thinking I’m naive
because I am an observer
gaining insight is my game
that’s why every person in here
already knows my name

I look and I listen
I engage and react
move from bar stool to bar stool
then make my way back

sometimes I sing as though
my world were at stake
like ani said – you’re only as loud
as the noises you make

I’d like you to like me
I’d like everyone to
but its ok with me
if you’re not going to

because I am a pillar
I can stand on my own
I’ve learned to draw strength
from places unknown

and my strength is warm
I’m approachable and kind
but that doesn’t stop me
from speaking my mind

I wont put up with prejudice
intolerance or violence
I like to laugh and converse
I’m not big on silence

I want to connect with the music
be anything but still
I can dance without sound
and if you know me
you know I will

I’m not oblivious to the gossip
I know how it works all too well
but the people I respect
are wise enough to be able to tell
what is bullshit
and whats not
because they all can see
the good intentions I’ve got

they know that I’m honest
that I have a good heart
and if I do say so myself
that’s a good place to start


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