me at fifteen

i wish i could talk
to myself at fifteen
tell her about the woman
that i want her to be

i wish i could tell her
how fast these years will go by
warn her about the consequences
of dating that much older guy

if i could only talk
to myself at fifteen
start her on the track
to the me i could be

i’d tell her to stop worrying
about what everyone thinks
trial and error is the only way
to work out the kinks

i’d say pay more attention
in your history classes
this knowledge becomes power
so start wearing your glasses

if i could just have some time
with me at fifteen
prepare her for the things
she is going to see

tell her that her parents
are the best things shes got
to listen to what they say
whether she likes it or not

i’d tell her its important
to just forgive her sister
i’d explain just how badly
she is going to miss her

give me just five minutes
with me at fifteen
i’m sure i could get her
to understand what i mean



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2 responses to “me at fifteen

  1. Really good lyric. Very much in the vein of Brad Paisley’s song called “letter to me”
    The first 2 verses and last are really strong. Just let you know I have been working on a total rework of “direction” you won’t be dissappointed. What I gave you was horrible, but the melody in most places works, and next time you hear it, it will be done by pros in the studio….i hope.
    Roger Kaye


  2. manadely

    i actually wrote this with “letter to me” in mind. i had just heard it for the first time not long before that and really loved the concept.

    cant wait to hear the new stuff!


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