maybe if i had
a little direction
i could figure out
which way to head in
maybe i wouldnt be
standing here
head in the sand
screaming in silence
waiting for someone to hear

i just cant seem
to get my gears in motion
feels like i’m walking
along the bottom
of the ocean
little inch by little inch
just getting by
“i’m doing fine”, i say
…but i lie

i’ve known love
and peace of mind
it has made me
affectionate and kind
but i’ve known fear
and dealt with pain
the kind of heartache
that suffocates
like a cold hard rain

it’s like i’m stuck somewhere between
the coming and going
scared of moving forward
of these seeds that need sowing

i’m not sure that i can handle
the truths i want to seek
not sure that when it counts
i’ll have the courage to speak

i dont even know
that i’m sure how i feel
from one day to the next
it’s like spinning the wheel
so its just easier
to hide myself here


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