what else can i say

face down again
in some strangers bed
trying to collect
the events from last night
in my head
to remember why it is
that i didn’t just
go home instead

but i didnt say no
i never do
so i plan on leaving
before i can start
to feel used
i figure my socks
are lost in the bedsheets
so rather than risk waking him
i drive home in my bare feet

why do i need to feel loved
by every man i respect
like seduction is some kind of science
i’ve been trying to perfect
it’s a double edged blade
ain’t that always the way
but i’m addicted to the affection
what else can i say

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One response to “what else can i say

  1. Hey Da!
    Glad we met up at the open house last night. I couldn’t wait to read your poetry. Wow you have some seriously great lines in your writing. I am very impressed. I am floored how you just rip off all yur cloths and expose us to every inch of your flesh. God it must feel liberating to get this out and on paper. Would you consider writing with me a bit? Seriously, your take on things is really cool. I bet we could come up with some real good melodys and if you can tweak your writing to be more “conversational” you could have some great material for country music. I have a friend who has a site you should check out. SONGSINC.COM . Her name is Andrea Standley and she has emassed a large number of music tracks which, you can write your songs to. The generas rang from pop to rock to country etc…


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