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i wish you
were here today
it’s the same thing
i think everyday

to see your face
in the morning
to kiss you goodbye
to hug you after work
when i feel like
i might cry

to slow dance
in the bedroom
when it starts to get dark
to see you smile
at my silly
offhanded remarks

to snuggle on the couch
during the evenings
turned cold
to stare at you and picture
you and me
when we’re old

having you there
to whisper my dream to
when i wake up in the night
to have you hold me
and kiss me
and tell me everything is alright

these day to day things
that we have to
miss out on
these sweet
little things
that help us to bond

i’m craving them
and the comfort
they bring me
the absence of which
can, at times
feel crippling

so i wish you
were here today
just like i do

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meant for more

when i was a little girl
i would lay awake and dream
about all of the things
that i wanted to be

sometimes it occurs to me
that i was meant for more
than this life i’ve been leading
like i need a new door
a closed one, preferably
one that challenges me
so i can prove to myself
that i dont need everything
to be easy

i want someone to push me
who wants to teach me new things
for no other reason
than the pride helping someone brings
but i’m not naive
about people’s intentions
i was very young
when i first learned those lessons

so i’ll settle for anything
with a moderate price
everyone wants something in return
thats just life

but i am determined
to be more than i am now
and i think its ok
if i dont really know how
i’ll figure it out as i go
i just have to get moving
i’ve got theories that i
have got to start proving

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like a sister

i wish you could just listen
and put down your hand
instead of repeating your point
as if i didn’t understand

i get what you’re saying
i appreciate your concern
but pushiness isn’t helpful
something you need to learn

you’re dismissive of my reasoning
you always think you know better
but i know that you don’t
and all i can think is –forget her

you’re always the first one
to bail out on plans
but then feel abandoned whenever someone
doesn’t lend you a hand

i know you mean well
you have trouble showing it
it’s the way you speak to people
that just doesn’t fit

you always try to be helpful
and you’re fiercely loyal
but you can also come off
as ridiculously spoiled

but i know how you are
just like you do me
we get over and move on
it’s how we’ve learned to be

cause you and i have been through
so much together
all that’s happened since i moved here
it feels like forever
theres hardly a memory i have
that you don’t also remember

and i love you like a sister
you’re a part of me
and i know that’s the way
that it will always be

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i am not the pretty girl
with smooth hair
or a perfect tan
nor am i the smart girl
responsible and sure
following her plan

i guess i’m not trying
as hard as you think i could
to get from the things i do
to the things that i should

sometimes i’m short sighted
and don’t think things through
and i end up hurting someone
that i would never, ever want to

sometimes i say things
without letting them
run through my head
or i’m careless with my inflection
and it changes the meaning
of the words i’ve just said

i would never mean to be callous
to someone that i love
or have them believe
it was their feelings
that i hadn’t thought of

because i can usually understand
all sides of an issue
and often know how one would feel
before they even do
so those times when i’m thoughtless
always deeply upset me
that isnt the person
that i try to be

so i hope you can see
how sorry i am
accept and forgive me
if you think you can

because i believe that we’re human
and that we’re all flawed
but my innocent intentions
aren’t some kind of fraud

i’m a big hearted person
whos almost always kind
i’m reasonable and understanding
and you’ll come to find
that i want the best for you
i’d do almost anything
to see you shine
and i couldn’t be more proud
that you would want me
to call you mine

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