bits and pieces

from the margins of notebooks has a whole new category! it’s called bits and pieces. lately, i’ve been reading through my notebooks, and i noticed how many half written poems there were, not to mention the little phrases and snippets of would-be poems scattered in between the pages. some are poems without endings, some are little phrases that come out of my head, others are poems who’s rhyme scheme just never showed up, or who’s meter just wouldn’t steady. i decided that i want to share these on the site as well. while there are still things in my notebooks that i do not share online, this allows me to keep most of my writing together, and provides an outlet for some of the writing that will never become anything more than it is now, yet shouldn’t be discarded.

bits and pieces has the following three sub categories:

pieces. parts. here you will find the little snippets, partial stanzas, and little rhymes that come out of my head unconnected with a particular piece of work.

rambles. this is some of my poetry that didn’t always lend itself to rhyme or meter. they are pretty much a mess of jagged thoughts.

unfinished. here you will find the would be poems that i just simply was never able to finish.

i’ve been posting things to these categories for the last week, so there is a bunch there for you to check out. i hope you enjoy them.

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