Reflections of an Affected Mind” is the blog that I started in November of 2008.

Writing poetry helps me express things in simple terms and provides an outlet for the short jagged thoughts that consume my head throughout the day. However, at times I ache to explore a bit more – actually I always ache to explore a bit more – and this blog provides me with a place to linger a little longer on the things that weigh on my mind.

Unfortunately, as you’ll see – I could use to spend a bit more time lingering. I’m working on it.

Here are a few to get you started:

if i believed in god, i think i’d hate him
i lost another sister today. Tanya Shattuck-Williams died today. Tanya was my nephews foster-mother. for the past few years, she’s been family. She was a really sweet, warm girl. She was a wonderful mother to my nephew. She fit into our family well, she treated my parents they like were her own from the start, as they did her. []

seasons passing
is it possible that almost another whole year has gone by? seasons have come and gone. a winter of heartache, with as many tears as snowflakes. a spring of sunshine and new experiences; a new home, new people, new places. of laughing again. of fun. a time of emotional rebuilding. and then drama. and stress.[]

domestic violence is EVERYONE’s business
my sister, Angela DeLyser Morgan was murdered one year ago today. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that concept, but it seems impossible that an entire year has passed. twelve months, four seasons[]

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