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cant say no

i just cant say no
to the attention
to the affection
desire just takes over
its like an infection
i like to be held
to be coddled
to be kissed
to be told that when
i’m gone all day
that i’m missed

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what else can i say

face down again
in some strangers bed
trying to collect
the events from last night
in my head
to remember why it is
that i didn’t just
go home instead

but i didnt say no
i never do
so i plan on leaving
before i can start
to feel used
i figure my socks
are lost in the bedsheets
so rather than risk waking him
i drive home in my bare feet

why do i need to feel loved
by every man i respect
like seduction is some kind of science
i’ve been trying to perfect
it’s a double edged blade
ain’t that always the way
but i’m addicted to the affection
what else can i say

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my desire is like an ocean
but fickle like a child
flirting teasing fleeting
affection lust and coyness
in motion

my want is unyielding
it pushes out my hands arms chest
and greediness
the sweetness of feeling
the comfort of holding
the excitement of touching
of needing
to put a spark in his eye
when he looks at me
flirting teasing speaking
in unsaid language that does
not lie

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