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i know you’ve been waiting
to hear something from me
if you can keep your distance
you can have it to read

i fell in love with the man
i thought you would be
the man that i knew
not very many could see
and for a really long time
i tried ignoring the signs
that you were not at all
what i had had in mind

you were weak and needy
in way more ways than one
and i always felt too guilty
to do what i knew
needed to be done

you should have known
that something between us was wrong
when i refused to call you my boyfriend
all those months, all along
when something is right
you really want to belong

you were jealous
and insecure
you blame me
and that’s true, i’m sure
because i just
wasn’t in it
and you don’t want to,
but you knew that –
admit it

you’re a grown man
going nowhere
who pities himself
and i’m proud
that youre now a memory
getting dusty on my shelf

cause the things that i heard
that everyone told me
like that girl that you dated
remember all your innocent stories?
i no longer believe
a word that you said
because i’ve seen firsthand
the way you can get
and p.s.
having been in your bed
is something i truly regret

i will never love a man
who has disrespected me
or gets violent, especially after
knowing my history

so you can go to hell
or if i have my way – to jail
at least then
you can only stalk me by mail

i hope for your sake
someday you get your shit together
but i don’t want to hear from you
and i mean it – not ever
i will have you arrested again
if you come back around
and yes, cold is how
i want that to sound

so here it is
this is all that you get
and you should keep this
because you are a memory
that i plan to forget

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everyone says

everyone says
they’re so happy
for me
that the trial
is done
that he didn’t
go free

everyone says
they’re so glad
that its over
that my family
can finally
find some closure
thank you, i say
but i can see
that now is when
the hard stuff
is going to be

because now that there
will be nothing new
missing my sister
is all i can do

a hollow dull aching
inside my chest
is all that i have
memories of times
when we were
at our best

theres never any closure
when a family member
is murdered
the thought of it
strikes me
as just a little absurd

we get to say
no goodbyes
cant take back
any lies
get to share
no more laughter
theres no
happily ever after

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