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history (not wasting time)

i look for comfort
in a lot of the wrong places
i spend all my time
reading people’s faces

looking for meaning
in the lives that exist around me
giving my heart
to all those who surround me

History is just the study
of people over time
our culture a reflection
of the collective human mind

maybe i’m searching for something
that i cant define
but something is telling me
i’m not wasting my time

progress is impossible
if no one ever really tries
too busy being surprised
by how fast time flies

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your ring

i no longer
wear your ring
no longer in need
of the comfort
that band would bring

but i must
still admit
missing you is a habit
much harder to quit

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something in the air

there’s something in the air
between your eyes and mine
everyone around us can see it
but you know I don’t mind

they can think what they want
assume what they will
we’ve been here before
we both know the drill

I love to be around you
you put me at ease
it’s in the little things
like your thumb
rubbing my knees

there’s nothing but comfort
and support in your eyes
no bullshit or reason
for little while lies

with you there’s no pressure
it will just go as it does
youre not waiting for me
to say “oh yeah, this is love”

most times you cant help
but to catch my smile
and then you just kind of
gaze at me for a while

you make me feel special
safe and secure
from the moment I see you
come through the door

I’m not sure why it is
just know the feeling is right
and that’s all I really need
to know for tonight

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