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playing with fire

i’m playing with fire
it’s a game of desire
and every day
i’m letting the stakes
get a little higher

i am conflicted
but i am addicted
and it will end badly
its not hard to predict it

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cant say no

i just cant say no
to the attention
to the affection
desire just takes over
its like an infection
i like to be held
to be coddled
to be kissed
to be told that when
i’m gone all day
that i’m missed

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chills in the air
in October
snow is falling
i fell still. quiet. trapped.
hands legs heart are restless
aching for feeling and movement
the warmth of warm bodies
and mingled limbs
and sweaty sheets

these cold nights
breed desire
to be close, then closer
hot breath and eager hands
on hard bodies
with greedy intents

silence brings echos
of sweet moans and quick gasps
and heightened need

desire to be wanted
to be needed, to be loved
to be wrapped in longing
and eagerness and urge

i ache to be looked at
to be touched
to be devoured and consumed
by the needs of others
to be used
to be handled, controlled

my heart is hungry

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my desire is like an ocean
but fickle like a child
flirting teasing fleeting
affection lust and coyness
in motion

my want is unyielding
it pushes out my hands arms chest
and greediness
the sweetness of feeling
the comfort of holding
the excitement of touching
of needing
to put a spark in his eye
when he looks at me
flirting teasing speaking
in unsaid language that does
not lie

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