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ferris wheel

i don’t know
from one minute
to the next
how i’m going to feel
like i’m trapped
on some never-ending
emotion filled
ferris wheel

because first
i feel so sick
i feel so foolish
i feel so bad
then the fact
that i feel like that
makes me start
to get so mad

and sometimes
in those moments
i really think
that i might hate you
for what you did
and all the lies
some of which you still
wont admit to

after the anger
is quiet
a calm tired
a thoughtful
of all the drama
all the madness

and then i crave
the comfort
you’re so great
at giving
and we connect
and i begin
to believe
i can be forgiving

and that time
we spend together
i honestly do
feel happy
i know that’s what
you’re trying
your very best
to make me

but eventually
its always there
in my head
like a slap in the face,
or a punch to the gut
you didn’t see coming
and didn’t
have time to brace

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what you have

why do you need
to believe
that i want
what you have
don’t you see
how easily
that makes
you look sad

gets intimidated
and feels
i understand
where it is
you’re coming from,

but that doesnt
give you the right
to act like a bitch
tone it down
pull it back
turn the off switch

i’m sick of being
your excuse
to have drama
in your life
so believe me
when i say
i’m not jealous
that youre his wife

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sorry for that

i don’t know
who you think
that you are
screaming at me
right in my face
inside my car
but that isn’t going
to get you very far

yell at me
and i’ll yell back
i might even give
your face a smack
but if you even think
about hitting me back
you might as well
gather your things
and pack

cause my daddy’ll
make you sorry for that

alcohol can’t replace
the courage you lack
you do so many shots
you can’t even keep track
and i’m getting pity looks
from behind your back
you already know
how i can’t stand that

so i might make you
sorry for that

you’re hurt
cause you’re jealous
something i can’t just fix
you’re used to girls
who lie and play tricks
but what can i say
i’m not those girls
me and drama don’t mix

don’t act like an ass
in front of our friends
you’ll lose my respect
if this becomes a trend
and after that
won’t be something
you’ll be able to mend

you know me
i can’t help but keep track
trust and respect
are hard to earn back

and you might end up
sorry for that

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goodbye to you, gt

i’m not going to cry
over you anymore
wont let you hurt me
so you can feel
like you’re settling the score

i’m moving on
moving past all this bullshit
trying someone else on for size
you obviously didn’t fit

not going to be sad
wont give you the satisfaction
not going to act out either
just to get a reaction

gonna move around the room
and smile like i do
be appreciated by those
so much more mature than you

i don’t care if you see it
take it or leave it
learn something from it
or just throw a fit

i clearly misjudged you
right from the start
or hit some nerve on the head
with some familiar sharp dart

i’m not sure which it is
at this point i dont care
because your rude comments
are completely unfair

but hear what you want
and think what you will
you’re nothing but drama
and i’ve had my fill

so come down off your horse
and get over yourself
trying putting your resentments
up on a shelf

stop bitching and moaning
and drawing lines with our friends
go ahead treat me like a stranger
you’re good at playing pretend

it’s funny how you’d say
“when you grow up”
since i’ve been the only one of us
thats been acting like a grown up

i’m sorry you got hurt
that you feel disappointed
that it makes you assume i used you
but my intentions were poignant

we both know
what is real – what was said
at least i do
i didnt have six shots or more
clouding my head

i wish you the best
i wish you felt the same
but i know you’re weak
so you go ahead and think
i’m to blame

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