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who are you fooling

he wanders aimlessly
through the hospital corridors
passing the hardened saddened faces
of the people lingering on every floor

he brings his wife a coffee
tells her to take a break
with a warm touch and a big smile
he’s finding harder and harder to fake

he catches his reflection
in the window across the room
and tells himself
that this will all be over soon

but then he thinks

who are you fooling
your heart aches inside
who are you fooling
the site of your daughters bald head
makes you cry every time

she stares at him silently
from the other end of the couch
wanting desperately to speak
but unable to move her mouth

she fixes him his dinner
asks him if he’s alright
he says hes fine but tells her
that he’s going to be out again tonight

he leaves and she’s alone
staring in the bathroom mirror
telling herself she isn’t worried
telling herself that he’ll think clearer

but then she thinks

who are you fooling
you’re empty inside
who are you fooling
you spend every night crying
and you’re not even sure why


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