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its karma
maybe its
its a lesson
that teaches

in another life
i was cold
and deceitful
maybe i was
rich and greedy
and mean
til i was old

its the start
of a spiritual path
the making
of an old soul
the beginnings
of an empath

wouldnt it
be nice
to think hardship
for a reason
that there
are lots
of chapters
that pass quickly
like the seasons

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what you wish for

be careful what you wish for
he said
in his eerie little tone
i just kind of nod
and think
i learned that lesson again
not so long ago

it reminds you
to remember
to pay attention
to what you’ve got
to look closer
at the little things
that go on during
the everyday connections
of the collection of people
that exist in your heart

theres always more going on
behind a smile
than a frown
a silent exchange
between two sets of eyes
reveals more
than any words spoke
between hello and goodbye

people are whats important
those important to you, anyway
its not so hard to read them
its how they move and they think
not so much what they say

it so often goes
its so easy to become
with being too busy
to notice another’s
subconscious intent

but the wonders
of the mystery of others
is enough
when you remember
that in the end
its these people
that matter

the feelings they have given you
the experiences you share
the thoughts and ideas that have shaped you
have all sprung from there

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