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together forever

i’m not sure how much more
i can stand to lose
not sure how to put
this restless hollow aching
to good use

i wish i knew

i smile and tell jokes
to make things feel light
its my way of showing hope
that we’ll be alright

mommy and daddy
i just want us to be happy

i cant watch any more
of my life fall apart
not sure i can handle
another tear
on my scar laden heart

i need you to hold on
to give it some time
let the stresses of this year
clear from your mind

mommy and daddy
lets just be happy

hes a clever funny guy
but theres something
eating at him inside
she can feel it pulling him down
but its just too much
for her to be around

mommy and daddy
cant we be happy

you have been through
so much together
always battled through
the stormy weather

you two are my rock
you’re the ground that i grew from
feels like i’m losing my footing
like some earthquake is coming

mommy and daddy
i just want you to be happy

together forever

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