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meant for more

when i was a little girl
i would lay awake and dream
about all of the things
that i wanted to be

sometimes it occurs to me
that i was meant for more
than this life i’ve been leading
like i need a new door
a closed one, preferably
one that challenges me
so i can prove to myself
that i dont need everything
to be easy

i want someone to push me
who wants to teach me new things
for no other reason
than the pride helping someone brings
but i’m not naive
about people’s intentions
i was very young
when i first learned those lessons

so i’ll settle for anything
with a moderate price
everyone wants something in return
thats just life

but i am determined
to be more than i am now
and i think its ok
if i dont really know how
i’ll figure it out as i go
i just have to get moving
i’ve got theories that i
have got to start proving


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i want more

i want you
to see me
to know me
to explore me
to be interested
in my opinions
and my feelings
and my story

because i want
to hear you
touch you
understand you
to share in
your passions
and your dreams
like best friends do

but youre only
half there
with your
far-away stare
and i can tell
that you
dont really care
about this girl
her future
her past
or her present
youre there
for the few seconds
she makes you feel like
youre in heaven

youre there to score
pass out
wake up
and head for the door
do you really
not expect me
to want so much more?

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