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no more

what else
do you think
you can do
to my heart
can’t break
what’s already
broken apart

there’s nothing
you can do to me
no more
no pain my heart
hasn’t felt

now you’re coming
around here
well you can just
stop right there
it could never be
what it was before
that girl
isn’t even here

i’ll never
do that again
let someone
do me like
you did

your words
those weapons
can’t wound me
there’s nothing
you can say to me
i haven’t
heard before

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whiskey dulls the pain
i carry inside me
an aching that accompanies
almost any memory

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do you

it seems like everything
reminds me of you
everywhere i go
everything i do

baby, please tell me
is it the same for you?

do you miss my laugh
or seeing me smile
do you miss how it felt
to hold me in your arms for a while

do you miss me at night
when you lay down in bed
are memories of me
constantly swirling through your head

didn’t i
love you enough
even when things
got really tough

i know i messed up
that i made mistakes
and i just wouldn’t
ease onto the brakes

but do you miss walking around
holding my hand
do you ever think
“Amanda would understand”

do you ever pick up your phone
to send me a text
change your mind and just
move on to whatevers next

does your heart ever feel
like someone is plucking its strings
do you know the pain
that missing you brings

do you feel like you may
never feel any better
do you hope that we
might get back together

cause baby, let me tell you
i do. i do.

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that girl in the bar
with the black and blue eye
i worry strongly for her
and you ask my why
i can just shake my head
and try not to cry

cant you see
the pain in her heart
she needs help but she
doesn’t know where to start

you blow it off
because we aren’t to blame
neither of us
even know her name
but that in itself
fills me with shame

cause this girl i dont know
may not say a thing
she sits there silently
fiddling with her ring
desperate for the distractions
these strangers may bring

i can hear her cry out
without saying a word
i know that you think
it’s a little absurd
but i feel her pain
without doing a thing
its hard to explain the guilt
that kind of empathy can bring

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down below

theres this
sinking feeling
in my gut
swirling around
bringing me

its fear
and its pain
that even
after laughs
and love and fun

it stays
down below
the me
that you see
and tears up
my middle
to get free

but i’ve been
holding off
on exploring
its depth
because the
i may find there
scare me
to death

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how they say

you know how they say
everything happens for a reason
what a cruel cruel thing to say
like sorrow is just a wave
that rolls in and out
like the seasons
and you know how they say
that time heals every pain
what a heartbreaking
way to say
that you have no
real comfort to bring
no soothing thought
to try to tame
the temper of currents
that race through my brain

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