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sorry for that

i don’t know
who you think
that you are
screaming at me
right in my face
inside my car
but that isn’t going
to get you very far

yell at me
and i’ll yell back
i might even give
your face a smack
but if you even think
about hitting me back
you might as well
gather your things
and pack

cause my daddy’ll
make you sorry for that

alcohol can’t replace
the courage you lack
you do so many shots
you can’t even keep track
and i’m getting pity looks
from behind your back
you already know
how i can’t stand that

so i might make you
sorry for that

you’re hurt
cause you’re jealous
something i can’t just fix
you’re used to girls
who lie and play tricks
but what can i say
i’m not those girls
me and drama don’t mix

don’t act like an ass
in front of our friends
you’ll lose my respect
if this becomes a trend
and after that
won’t be something
you’ll be able to mend

you know me
i can’t help but keep track
trust and respect
are hard to earn back

and you might end up
sorry for that

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its like i’ve been
seeking affirmations
in any suitable man
who is willing
then i end up
sleeping with them
out of pity
when all i really
needed to hear was
“youre pretty,
youre pretty”

its pathetic
and shameful
and to most i’d deny
that i’m just doing
anything i can
to make myself feel
like i’m still alive

because i’m scared
and i’m sad
but you’d never know it
i’m too proud
and too embarrassed
to be able to show it

so i put on my boots
and my mega watt smile
and escape by becoming
the fantasies
of the men i encounter
for a while

i’m not proud
to admit it
but i’ll tell you
this much
it beats the hell
out of crying
and whining
and such

so judge me
if you like
if thats what
floats your boat
but that says more
about you
than any of these words
about me
that i’ve wrote

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