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hey love

hey love
remember me?

i did everything wrong
and just hoped for the best
and man, did my pride
fail all of your tests

hey love
remember when?

back before then when we
were so fearless in our love
when we viewed it as though
the stars had aligned above

when our passions like our tempers
would burn and then simmer
until they bubbled and erupted
swept us up like a river

hey love
remember me?

the girl who you had said
loved you so much more
than any other girl
had ever loved you before

the girl who wrote you a poem
and then watched you cry
and when i asked you what was wrong
you simply replied

“i’m just so happy, that’s all.
that’s why”

fiery or emotional
it was always
the same
tears of joy
or frustration
full of passion
either way

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last night

last night
making love to you
i cried
a release
of the emotions
held captive
by my pride

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what if i had

what if i
had walked away
instead of begging
you to stay

what if i
had said goodbye
instead of making you
watch me cry

would my pride
have eased
my pain somehow
would i feel
less pathetic
right now

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i dont want to argue
but i’m tired
of backing down
i have respect for myself
so i’m standing
my ground

i’m sick of waiting
til later
for you to admit
that i was right
cant you just
swallow your pride
so we can skip
this whole fight

i know you dont understand
how easily i see
through your lies
i tell you its like
when you smile
with your mouth
but not your eyes

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