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waiting for something

i get home
put my bags down
take a look around
and feel overwhelmed

think i’ll lay down
i’m always tired now
i’ll pretend it’ll be ok
just don’t ask me how

i always say that i’m doing alright
but when did this routine become my life

i’m waiting for something
to make me feel alive
something that inspires me to
do something with my life

i need the motivation
and the courage it would bring
i can’t get there on my own
so i’m waiting on something


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nothing moves me
or motivates me
or inspires me
is all I can seem
to be

I feel tired
I feel slow
I feel bored
and the people I’m with
cant help
but feel ignored

have you ever
had that dream
where your heart
starts to race
and you try to run
but you stay in one place?

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