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no tomorrow

what if there were no
tomorrow for you
where would you go
what would you do

would you do something crazy
like jump out of a plane
blow every dollar you have
dancing downtown in your fav mary janes

would you try to make amends
to the people you’ve wronged
listen over and over again
to all your favorite songs

would you take time to yourself
spend it alone
visiting all the places
where you feel at home

would you try out your pipes
at a karaoke spot
would you hit on that girl
you always thought was so hot

would you think of your friends
how their lives could be better
write down the things you’ve never said
and send them all letters

would you gather your family
and hold them all tight
share memories and stories
and tears through the night

what if there were no
tomorrow for you

what would you do

what would you do

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