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you tell me

you tell me
that i am thinking
too much
worrying about what if
and what could happen
and such

but i know myself better
than you know me
there are consequences
you either cant
or wont see
and right now i cant risk
my emotional stability

because whenever i was
lonely in the past
i allowed myself
to become attached
to anyone
who showed me
romantic attention
because of how badly
i craved the affection

and they
were mistakes
i’d have been better off
not making
because after
a little while
i felt like
i was faking

and i wouldn’t
want to hurt you
by leading you on
you wont
have my heart
right now
its long gone

but my heart
is sometimes tricked
even if my head
wont say so
and i don’t want
to feel hurt
if it’s you
that lets go

so it kind of feels like
a no win situation
no matter the manor
of it’s disintegration

i’d rather keep you around
in a positive way
because i like
when you’re there
at the end of my day

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what if i had

what if i
had walked away
instead of begging
you to stay

what if i
had said goodbye
instead of making you
watch me cry

would my pride
have eased
my pain somehow
would i feel
less pathetic
right now

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no tomorrow

what if there were no
tomorrow for you
where would you go
what would you do

would you do something crazy
like jump out of a plane
blow every dollar you have
dancing downtown in your fav mary janes

would you try to make amends
to the people you’ve wronged
listen over and over again
to all your favorite songs

would you take time to yourself
spend it alone
visiting all the places
where you feel at home

would you try out your pipes
at a karaoke spot
would you hit on that girl
you always thought was so hot

would you think of your friends
how their lives could be better
write down the things you’ve never said
and send them all letters

would you gather your family
and hold them all tight
share memories and stories
and tears through the night

what if there were no
tomorrow for you

what would you do

what would you do

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