From the Margins of Notebooks” is a collection of poetry that I have written over the last five years. Sometime after the loss of my sister in 2008, I started writing just a little here and there when I was feeling thoughtful. Usually, in long skinny columns in the margins of all my notebooks. Many, many notebooks later – I am now sprucing up their online home, and giving some that were forgotten in those margins a place among their peers.

Some of these are first draft versions that have always just felt complete to me. Others are snippets I’ve written and haven’t been able to finish. Some started as snippets that stayed in my notebook until I went back and expanded on them. There are some (which are my favorites) that I am constantly drawn back to over and over again. The ones that change, grow, evolve. None of them are ever really done, though. They are all my little never-ending projects.

Thank you for visiting and allowing me to share my poems with you.

    I hope that you enjoy them. xo

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6 responses to “welcome

  1. sarah l

    you rock! you are super talented and quite an inspiration 😉

    now, let’s go to davidsons to celebrate! xoxo


  2. Amanda, I stopped by to see you at Mannix and they didn’t know where you went. So I found this address on a card you gave me. I’m going to see your new work. Haven’t been on there in over a year I think. So anyway, I just had our tune recorded in a pure Disney tween version. If you want to hear it, go to http://www.braodjam.com/rogerkaye
    YOU NEED TO STAY IN TOUCH! This song has been pitched to artists in Nashville over 100 times through my agent in Nashville. They LOVE this tune and are working hard to find it a home. We now have it done for a different audience If it hits, you I need to know where to send the check! BTW the song hit in the top 25 songs in the United Kingdom Songwriting Contest. The UKSC has over 6000 entries each year, so top 25 is real good.


  3. Sorry for the jumbled thoughts above! I wanted to say that I haven’t been on THIS site in over a year and I’m going to read your new work. Anyway contact me ASAP please.


  4. manadely

    Wow thats great! I just went and listened. I love it. You can reach me by email at manadely@gmail.com at any time, Roger!


  5. after browsing a lot of crappy blogs today, thisone is different!


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